• Contribute with any property of your own to the establishment of a trading corporation

  • Establish a non-profit entity

  • Larry out the restoration of a house or any other business premises

  • Constitute any house - owner association or community

  • File your income tax return (Descents, successions)

  • Establish the rights of usufruct, ownership and use

  • Establish the transfer of lease or weighing up when renting any urban property

  • Deal with any other issue which requires an assessment

  • I take serving like skillfull real estate judicial valuer in Murcia (Spain) from something but of four years. Always with the maximum one effectiveness and professionalism.

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    General Services

    Services both to companies and individual people. As legal assistance experts and immovable property experts our services

    Will be useful to any company or individual person in order to :

  • Asses the worth of a property or real estate for tax purpuses and the partition of an inheritance

  • Asses the value of your assests in order to establish an own-assets agreement

  • Assess the value of your assets when dealing with a judicial separation

  • Allocate any immovable property within a testament

  • Buy or sell a house for your own use or just to rent it

  • Acquire some business premises so as to set up a business or create your own company

  • Make the right decision in relation to your immovable capital investments

  • Acquire a building site in relation to a future property develolopment within the area

  • Obtain a loan with a mortgage security


  • Interpretation and
    Translation Services

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