• Obtain a loan with a mortgage security

  • Contribute with any property of your own to the establishment of a trading corporation

  • Establish a non-profit entity

  • Larry out the restoration of a house or any business premises

  • Constitute any house - owner association or community

  • File your income tax return (Descents, Sucessions)

  • Establish the rights of usufruct, ownership and use

  • Establish the transfer of lease or weighing up when renting any urban property

  • Deal with any other issue which requires an assessment

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    Services Both to Companies and Individual People

    As legal assistance experts and immovable property experts our services .

    Will be useful to any company or individual person in order to
  • Asses the worth of a property or real estate for fax pursupes and the partition of an inheritance

  • Asses the value of your assets in order to establish an own-assets agreement

  • Asses the value of your assets when dealing with a judicial separation

  • Allocate any immovable property within a testament

  • Buy or sell a house for your own use or just to rent it

  • Acquire some business premises so as to set up a business or create your own company

  • Make the right decision in relation to your immovable capital investments

  • Acquire a building site in relation to a future property develolopment within the area


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    Translation Services

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