• In the Fiscal Administration

  • An expert appraisal contrary to the Fiscal Agency

  • Any proceeding according to the exchequer so as to assess the value of an inmovable property in accordance with the established tax bases

  • In the Municipal and Autonomus Administration

  • Leasehold appraisals to be presented to an expropiation jury

    Any other aprraisal for Municipal purproses and development plans or housing policy within the town or Autonomus Community

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    Services to the Public Administration

    As Legal Advice Experts and Immovable Property Experts we can provide you with the following Services :

  • In the Justice Administration

  • Attachment Executions

  • Payment and general assignment in favour of creditors

  • Bank guarantees and bill guarantees backed up by a registered tittle

  • Freezing orders with the aim of fixing the starting price for a public auction

  • Setting down a debtor´s credit - standing and mortgage security

  • Definitive bonds for civil and criminal liabilities

  • Annualment of a marriage, separation and divorce

  • Bankruptcy proceedings, suspensions and failure of business

  • Probate proceedings

  • Executory Processes

  • Any judicial proceedings to be carried out in any court within the area with purpose of establishing any compensation

  • Any legal issue by means of which the judge is bound to rule the participation of an expert appraiser eithers as a third expert or as the only one for the case


  • Interpretation and
    Translation Services

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